15 Acres of Adventure in the Heart of Leicester

Saturday, 16 July 2016

British Canoeing HQ Team build a Trebuchet

On Wednesday a group from British Canoeing Head Office came to the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre to take part in some Team Building activities.

The plan was to build and fire a Trebuchet.

But first they had to find the parts of the Trebuchet, which we had hidden around our 15 Acre site. We provided 3 teams with a GPS each and gave them instructions on how to use them. Next we gave them the GPS co-ordinates to help them find the parts.

There was a lot of fun and a little bit of competition between the teams, but they successfully completed the task.

The next part was to build the Trebuchet.

I gave them a brief history about the Trebuchet where and when it was used in the past (Wikipedia)

The same 3 teams started work to construct their own Siege Engine to attack a Castle made of Milk Crates!

First you make the base and make sure it is pointing towards the Castle Milkcrate.

Then you build the sides.

Then pose for a 'Caption Competition' photo!

Time to attach the throwing arm and the counter balance weights.



Meet the British Canoeing Team.

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Friday, 15 July 2016

Goodbye to Children from our After School Club.

Today we say goodbye to several young people who have been coming to out After School Club at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

The Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre provide After School Care for children from nearby Junior Schools. https://www.lopc.co.uk/childcare/after-school-club/

It is the last day of term here in Leicester and the start of the school holidays, so today is both a sad and happy day for the staff of LOPC and young people who are leaving us today.

And in September they will start a whole new episode in their lives as they move from Junior School to Senior School.

Last Friday the staff offered that the After School Children could 'Camp Over' at the outdoor centre.

Some of the children had never camped in the Tent overnight before. Cheryl Taylor, one of the Instructors said 'They were brilliant and so well behaved.'

With the help of Instructors the put up their tents, cooked their own evening meal on Tranja Cookers and then cooked Marshmallows on a Campfire.

For those who are leaving us ... we will miss you.

And for those who are staying ... we will see you in September.

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