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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Stand Up Paddle Boards in Leicester

The Leicestershire Scouts and the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre have purchased some Stand up Paddle Boards or SUP's for short.

They were purchased for Leicestershire Scouts 'Charnwood International Scout Camp' to be held in August 2016, but the great news is ..... they are to be stored with us at LOPC!

So over the last to weeks we have been putting them through their paces.

First of all the Instructors needed to go through training. There is a SUP Module from Canoe-England that the Water Staff are all adding to their qualifications. The first of these was run for the Scout Water team. The LOPC water staff will have the same fun next week.

Then we tested them on the Easter Holiday Scheme Children because the Scout Water Instructors maybe were not having enough fun!

First you need to put the fins on.

 Do you have to stand like that?

 What happens if you kneel on the back?

 I can stand on one leg!

So the challenge is on .... Scout Instructors can you have more fun than us?

For more information about LOPC www.lopc.co.uk

For more information about the Charnwood International Camp http://charnwood.org 

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